Anubias afzelii


Anubias afzelii is not very fussy about lighting requirements. Like some other Anubias plants, Anubias afzelii are quite happy under bright lighting, however will also grow just as quick under dimmer lighting. Too bright or too subdued lighting may case this plant to become overgrown with algae – anyway, this won’t mean the plant doesn’t thrive.

Anubias afzelii are very easy plants to reproduce in a fish tank. Since this species is a rhizome plant, a rhizome can be split into smaller pieces regularly and new plants will grow from these. Rhizomes may rot if they’re buried deep in the substrate; Leaving them “as is” in your tank is completely OK, they will grow as unattached too.

Anubias afzelii plant is very hardy and easy to care for. This species, just like other Anubias plants, is known to tolerate a wide range of water parameters.

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