api Life Aayu Sump Media(2ltr)


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API Life Aayu Sump Media | New This sump MEDIA is a mixture of porous filtration media specially designed for recreating the water purification system of the nature. Porous natural stone has a high permeability and provides an ideal environment for filtration bacteria to colonize. It also helps to remove organic substances, which become a cause of water pollution and degrade quickly through the work of microorganisms. Ideal usage in Sump Systems and overhead filtrations Features – Cleaner Water: Say goodbye to cloudy and polluted water. Our BIO-MEDIA improves water quality by eliminating Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate. – Healthy Ecosystem: Create the ideal environment for beneficial bacteria to thrive, ensuring a stable and thriving aquarium. – Exceptional Surface Area: Our BIO-MEDIA offers an astonishing 2550m² per litre, leading the industry in effective filtration.


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