Ludwigia brevipes


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The Ludwigs Brevipes, commonly known as the Long Eames, grows along the southeastern American coast, in boggy areas. It’s a fast grower, with a thick stem, and long, slender, reddish leaves. It bears a close resemblance to Ludwigia Arcuata with the thin, needle like leaves.  

Moderate light levels are the most important factor for the plants’ success, and added macro and micro nutrients are beneficial too, especially if CO2 is injected. If nitrate levels are low and/or phosphate levels are high, the plant’s shoots will tend to develop orange-red tips. Given enough light, the Long Eames grows well immersed.

Simply trim away any unsightly shoots, and new lateral shoots will quickly replace them, giving the plant a bushy look. Propagation is easy, consisting in simply cutting off lateral shoots or shoot tips and replanting them in the substrate.

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